THE director/Writer

Sara Gouveia is an award winning filmmaker. She has worked as a writer, director and cinematographer in feature and short documentaries, commercials, online campaigns and music videos.

Sara's first feature length documentary "The Sound of Masks", set in Mozambique, had its World Premiere at IDFA 2018 and was officially selected for the Marrakesh International Film Festival 2018, Hot Docs 2019, New York African Film Festival and the Durban International Film Festival.

Sara is currently in post-production with the mid-length film "Mother to Mother".

the producers



She was born in the film industry. After Political Science studies she was drawn into film production. Worked at UniPortugal, Animatógrafo and Filmes de Fundo producing five features and lots of shorts before creating Ukbar Filmes. A member of the European Producers Club she is the current president of the Portuguese Producers Association (APCA). The Bergman piece of Ukbar, she’s a dreamer, a motivator and good at bringing creative people together.



Born in the studios the American way. Pablo is the PIXAR hand of Ukbar. From the Dairy plants of La Serenísima in Argentina to the world of high finance, Pablo left the grey suits for Patagonik Film Group in 2001. Responsible for more than twenty five titles released in Latin America, from art-house to box office hits, Pablo moved to Portugal in 2008. His double degree in engineering makes him a good planner and one of the guys in charge at Ukbar.


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Julia Ramsay is a producer with practical experience in camera and editing. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Cinematography from the South African School of Motion Picture Medium (AFDA). She started her career developing and creating educational and promotional videos for clients such as Distell and Kempinski amongst others. Julia has also created a number of promotional videos and campaigns for Bacardi Legacy, WMD Awareness and The Style Trunk, as well as for various musicians and artists including Shane Cooper and Nicky Schrire.

the editor & co-writer



Khalid Shamis studied film at the university of Middlesex, London, and graduated in 1997. Since then he has been trained as a Director for the Viacom network and worked in the industry in the UK for over 8 years.

Hailing from a Libyan father and South African mother, Khalid settled in South Africa in 2005 to make his debut multi award-winning documentary on the life death and legacy of Apartheid struggle hero, Imam Abdullah Haron. The Imam was Khalid’s grandfather and the film is aptly titled ‘Imam and I’. Khalid has since edited a number of award winning films such as “Action Kommandant”, “Beats Of The Antonov”, “Paths To Freedom”, “Forerunners”, “Strike A Rock”, “The Silent Form” (SAFTA winner for best editing) and “Orbis” and is currently in production with the documentary “The Colonel’s Stray Dogs”.

the music composer


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Tiago Correia-Paulo is a late seventies baby who hails from Maputo, Mozambique. He 'wasted' a bunch of time studying Development Economics and Human Resource Management in South Africa to later discover that he actually wanted to become a musician, or something like that. Based in Johannesburg, he started a couple of bands so he could record albums, go on tour, and do all the things your conventional musician does. Later, bored with the one dimensional aspect of being in bands, he started working by himself on film scores and other musical experimentations. Not long after, and almost instinctively, he ends up bridging other inclinations like design, illustration and editing, and dives head first into the world of film making. He’s currently an integral part of a few musical ventures, has his own electronic solo endeavour, built a studio where he works with and produces other artists, and spends a fair amount of time working on film scores and soundscapes for a wide array of projects.